Laser & Engraver

We engrave and laser cut on all types of materials and gadgets. Our laser system, together with many years of experience, guarantees high-quality service performance while maintaining short deadlines for the execution of orders. This allows us to provide expert advice on individual and non-standard orders as well as enables us to provide you with attractive prices.

RODE primarily presents its offer to companies and individuals. Therefore, to facilitate your contacts with the target client, many types of samples and designs are made free of charge. As for the safety of the materials that have been entrusted to us: we are fully insured.

We are constantly following the latest developments on the market, thanks to this we are continually developing and enriching our knowledge, thus enabling us to offer an ever wider range of services.

All this makes us competitive in the market, which you are welcome to confirm by visiting our company headquarters or contacting us by phone.